The professional history flashback goes back to 1955 when the founder of the Group Anastasios Petropoulos, diagnosing the needs of the market in the professional vehicle, begins to import mainly trucks, from Western Europe, with a great success and a vast establishhment amongst the traders of the period.

His success in the sector, allowed him to cover a big part of the needs of the market, pushes him to expand (1990) in the used coach with vehicles coming mainly from  Europe as from Greece also.

Taking advantage of the experience that came up all these years, in 1999 a milestone, A. PETROPOULOS LTD foresees the excellent capabilities of Bova coaches and decides to ask and accomplish, the sole representation of  VDL BOVA in Greece, a fact that allows us to distinguish among the other firms of coach trading in Greek territory.  

With a client centered orientation and with the younger age taking over the leadership one success leads to the other. PETROPOULOS LTD is now growing intensely, with self-owned facilities, for the best client service.    

With a structure that goes along with the companies it represents, with experienced personnel and the best available technological support fully responds to the needs and expectations of the market of Professional Vehicle. The outcome of all that, is the establishment of trust in our firm, in Greece and abroad.

In the factories represented VDL KUSTERS and VDL JONCKHEERE are added (2006). The relationship with VDL Group is getting stronger and the prospects are factually visible.

With the representation of OTOKAR for Southern Greece (2007) a mini and midi bus constructor of the Turkish KOC GROUP, new types are added, the collection of our offered vehicles enriches and the offered type width is complete in all categories.

Starting 2008 PETROPOULOS LTD is becoming the sole representative of  VDL Bus&Coach in Greece for the full product range, meaning companies VDL Bova, VDL Berkhof, VDL Jonckheere, VDL Kusters, APTS, VDL Bus International.

In our self-owned roofed facilities of 3000 s.meters at L. Athinon 218, operates the parts and accessories store of 450 s.meters, for the coaches our firm represents. Anything a VDL or an OTOKAR coach might need is available off-the-shelf or with immediate import within 24 hours.

Our basic priority and philosophy is the full coverage of professionals needs in the area of Coaches with stability and responsibility towards the target of mutual trust, the development of permanent relationships and the mutually long life along with our customers.

The absolute consistency, the high quality of services and the coaches traded but also the aspects and opinions of our clients which are always taken under mind, shows us the way to continue with even more effort, fulfilling the needs of our modern and demanding times.

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